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Helm Acquires ArvinMeritor Business
DETROIT (October 11, 2007/PRNewswire) -- Helm Incorporated, the Highland Park based specialty fulfillment company, was selected by ArvinMeritor, Troy, Mich., one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, to be its fulfillment partner. Helm will be responsible for warehousing sales and marketing materials and fulfilling orders placed by company personnel through a central Internet portal.

Fulfillment is one of Helm's core capabilities. The company regularly handles fulfillment initiatives on behalf of numerous corporate clients. This includes mass distributions -- one-to-many -- and targeted distributions -- one-to-one. Its complementary competencies including an inbound/outbound contact center, web development, and creative services, lend to the company's prominence in the field.

According to Helm's Business Development Executive, Keith Tofan, among the reasons Helm was selected by ArvinMeritor is its Print Management System. Helm uses this system to support fulfillment programs handled by the company because of its ability to determine the best way to maintain and produce inventory of printed materials.

Based on historical projections the system initiates replenishment of materials using its offset, print-on-demand and bin-on-demand capabilities. This results in significant production and cost efficiencies.

Other determining factors included Helm's ability to assume the business in an expedient manner due to its "business-ready" technology platform, FlexFillG3, as well as its Retail Management approach to fulfillment which looks beyond the basic requirements of execution to minimizing costs and maximizing inventory turnover.

About Helm

Helm is a specialty fulfillment provider based in Highland Park, Mich., which focuses on Branded Merchandising, Publications Management & Fulfillment as well as more traditional Fulfillment. Established in 1943 in Detroit, Helm supports some of the most recognizable companies in the world including BP Lubricants/Castrol, Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, FTD, General Motors, Honda and NAPA Auto Parts. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Helm is recognized for its unique approach to fulfillment emphasizing cost reduction and inventory turnover, its "best practices" technology platform, and its ability to harness efficiencies of its in-house marketing and distribution resources including contact center services, creative design, digital and offset printing, program administration, merchandising and marketing. Helm is the nation's largest provider of factory-authorized service and owner's information.


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