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Service/Shop Manual

Covers full maintenance and repair procedures for your vehicle or equipment. Also contains electrical information and specifications.
Note to vehicle owners: Unless otherwise specified, both gasoline and diesel engines are covered in appropriate year service manual.

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Covers changes or differences between models or years.  A supplement updates some other manual, and must be used with that other manual.

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Body Manual

Covers Body only (outside sheet metal, windows, seats, etc.).  Includes information on essential removal, installation, and maintenance procedures.  Also contains electrical information and wiring diagrams applicable to the Body (power windows, power seats, winshield wipers, etc.).

Purchase Body Manuals here.


Fuel and Emissions Manual

Contains diagnosis, on-vehicle servicing and repair, and overhaul information for fuel-injected gasoline engine fuel and emission components.  It includes driveability diagnosis.  Light Duty Truck Fuel and Emissions and Medium Duty Truck Fuel and Emissions Manuals are available.

Purchase Fuel and Emissions Manuals here.


Unit Repair Manual

Contains overhaul procedures for major components once they have been removed from the vehicle.  One manual covers light duty vehicles, and one covers medium duty ( and in the past, heavy duty) vehicles.   Information for medium and heavy duty truck diesel engines, drive axles, and transmissions (except SM465 and NP542) is not included.

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Owner Manual

This is the driver's manual (the "glove box booklet").  Contains information on the proper operation and care of the vehicle or equipment.  Not a technician's manual.

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Instrument Panel


Owner Manual Portfolio

This is the set including the owner manual and protective pocket that holds the manual in the glove box. Owner Manuals and Portfolios for your vehicle can be found by selecting "Owner Manuals" in the Category Drop Down Box from the search engine.

Purchase Owner Manual Portfolios here.


Service Bulletins

Provide technical service information you need to knowledgeably service cars and trucks.  Each bulletin contains instructions to assist in the diagnosis and service of your vehicle.

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Honda Motorcycle Publications

Honda Motorcycle publications are available for the motorcycle enthusiast:

Purchase Honda Motorcycle Publications here.

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