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2008 F250/F550 Super Duty Owner Manual Canadian
This factory issued glove box owner manual has been developed by Ford Motor Company to give the owner a basic understanding of the operation of the vehicle. Provides recommended oil type, gas tank capacity, clock and radio setting, as well as information about vital fluids, tires, routine maintenance and specific vehicle options. Contains information on the proper operation and care of the vehicle. Some Owner Guide kits also includes Maintenance Schedules. Owner Guide supplements are available for specific options on certain vehicles and contain information describing the operation of these options.
Price: $35.00
This item has been replaced by 8C3J19A321JA
Pkg Qty: 1
Media: Paper
Language: English
Item/Part #: CAN8C3J19A321JA
Years and Models Covered
2008 F-250 Pickup
2008 F-350 Trucks
2008 F-450 Trucks
2008 F-550 Trucks
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