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2015 Complete Car Service Information DVD
The Electronic Service Information contained on each CD-ROM or DVD provides instant access to Ford Motor Company's latest, most up-to-date manufacturer repair and service information available, including Workshop, Wiring and Powertrain Control/Emmission Diagnosis. Workshop Information: Includes comprehensive instructions, procedures, approved specifications and detailed illustrations. Wiring Information: Includes component locations, circuit descriptions and troubleshooting hints. PC/ED Information: Provides engine diagnostic procedures in conjunction with the workshop and wiring diagram manuals.
Price: $1,450.00
In Stock
Pkg Qty: 1
Media: DVD ROM
Language: English
Item/Part #: FCS1391015C
Years and Models Covered
2015 C-MAX
2015 Edge
2015 Escape
2015 Fiesta
2015 Flex
2015 Focus
2015 Fusion
2015 MKC
2015 MKS
2015 MKT
2015 MKX
2015 MKZ
2015 Mustang
2015 Taurus
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(1) FCS1391015C12 - 2015 Complete Car DVD - June 2015
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