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What if my order includes an item that is unavailable?

What if my order includes an item that is not available?
As an owner or independent repair shop, if an item you wish to purchase is unavailable at the time of order, the website notifies you that the item is currently out of stock and will not allow you to place the item in your shopping cart. In this rare case, if you selected to accept partial shipment, and you paid with credit card, we will send the remainder of the order and delete the "out of stock" item from your order entirely. OEM dealer orders may include backordered items.

Item Availability
While we do our best to keep your favorite items in stock, occasionally we either do not carry or we run out of items. Please note that our publication inventory is determined by your product manufacturer.

  • If your product manufacturer chooses not to reprint an item, a message appears on the website indicating that Helm does not carry this item. In this case, we recommend you contact your product manufacturer for additional help.
  • If we are simply out of an item's stock, a message appears on the website indicating that it is temporarily out of stock. In this case, we are working with the Manufacturer to reprint and restock the item.

Items may be unavailable for several reasons

  • The item is currently out of stock
  • The Product Manufacturer is deciding if they will reprint the item
  • The Product Manufacturer is currently reprinting the item
  • The item became unavailable/out of stock after an order was placed

Prices are subject to change without notice and without incurring obligation. Orders are filled based on stock availability.

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