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This Issue:

- What is Ethanol fuel, and can you put it to use?
- Helm Now Carries Tohatsu/Nissan Marine Manuals
- Auto Service Shops: Effective Advertising in a Sticker!

Ethanol Fuel
With concern over petroleum prices, ethanol has been getting increasing attention as an alternative fuel source. Ethanol is an alternative to petroleum for use in automotive fuels. How does it compare to gasoline and can you use it? Find out in the full article.

Helm Carries Tohatsu/Nissan Marine Manuals
Have a Tohatsu/Nissan marine engine? Make sure you have your owner's manual on board when you need it. Need a replacement? Check availability at http://www.helminc.com.

Auto Shop Advertising Tip: Service Reminder Stickers
Have you given your customers a reason to come back for scheduled service at your shop? Will your shop be top-of-mind when they make their next vehicle service decision? Build brand recognition with your customers and increase your repeat business by placing a custom-printed service reminder sticker on their windshield. Subtle and unobtrusive, service reminder stickers keep your name and offer fresh in mind. Read more...

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